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  • Site 2018-01-05 Animal Bioware™ by Digital Paradigms, Inc.

    ProductsCompanyCommunityHome  Animal Bioware Cloud™ leverages the simplicity, scalability & reliability of the cloud, and delivers our flagship Animal Bioware™ Software Suite used worldwide by 18,000 users without the hassle of servers, infrastructure, design, project management, delays, or capital budgets. Seamlessly manage Animal Orders, Animal Health Records, Billing, Breeding Colonies, Cage Card Printing & Housing, Census (Barcode or RFID), Protocols & IACUC processes, Training & SOP’s, and more. Using our Animal Bioware™ RFID Smart Label start an RFID census for less than 15 cents a cage. We handle everything, including the servers, infrastructure, upgrades & backups all delivered

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