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Site 2018-10-18

Assistninja speak excellent English, are very organized, very affordable, never cheat me out of time, and always respond within a timely fashion when I need help. Highly recommend them to all web masters who heed quality support services! They way they work for me is second to none. Many thanks to you.

Site 2018-10-12

I have not known much of assistninja services (virtual assistance) but using them, I have reached some success in my business. And prices are competitive. I am very satisfied with how it is going so far. using them I am succeed in running my IT business. I am really lucky to have a deal with them. Great!!!

Site 2018-10-08

You know how difficult to find a right host and when you have it, you feel lucky. These guys keep everything simple, local, and affordable. I have faced no issues yet. Their services are really to my liking. Servers are well-balanced and uptime is high and network is fully-redundant. Thumbs up! They are really great for me.

Site 2018-10-08

Virtual assistants are always helpful, prompt and quick. Their staff is responsive and competent. They have made our business run smoothly and we will continue to work with them in the future! Well services are quality for me and for my modest budget. I appreciate your help as it is very important for me.

Site 2018-10-05

This is my second purchase from mcshopzone. I purchase two mickey mouse watches and received fast and in new condition. I am a huge fan of disney watches and I found the perfect website to purchase my collectibles watches. I highly recommended. They respond to my question quick. I love my watches....

Site 2018-10-05

Decent and reliable assistance service from this company means much for my IT business. The quality of work, attention to detail and communication has been great. The quality of service is worth the money I spent. Use them with no hesitation as their help is top-notch. I like their services as they are very helpful for me.

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Why is Freedom.Reviews So Popular? This is Freedom.Reviews that thousands of users choose among many other analogue services, and here is why:

Multiple language support

Multiple language support allows users from most of the countries to leave and read comments in their native language. Currently supported languages are English, German, Russian and French.


Distributed multilayer automated moderation system can partially automate the decision-making process and reduce the time of comments moderation and publication, making the moderators’ work easier

Universality and manufacturability

Modern technological service of comments is an innovative software product that uses advanced Internet technologies allowing our community to share experience, to publish, to view, to rate, to review and to make comments on sites.

About Freedom.Reviews

The Internet as an integral part of modern society, being a global public resource, on the basis of international law and the local laws of individual countries, aims to ensure the integrity, availability and transparency of information placed in it by the authors. One of the key factors that ensure the protection of the Internet users’ interests, their right to free access to public information is the possibility of free exchange of data, information, opinions, comments about a particular site, posted in the Internet (website, online store, ratings, blog, forum, information or news portal, etc.). Project Freedom.Reviews is a free, open Internet platform, a portal of reviews, a meeting place for professionals, commentators, providing access to information about sites, free exchange of information among the Internet users, by means of publishing reviews of the sites, based on their experience of use, personal comments and commercial press releases. Publication of reviews, comments, text files and/or links to them is realized by the users at their discretion and is absolutely free of charge; the placement of commercial press releases, reviews of business sites, depending on the location (the country) selected by the author, is charged, according to the approved tariffs. Project Freedom.Reviews is an aggregator of reviews of websites, blogs, forums, online stores, banks, airlines, investment funds, lotteries, bloggers and Internet resources; it collects information from public sources by means of placing it on the Portal Freedom.Reviews by the users, exercises the interaction between them, providing the possibility of free public access to information, familiarization with it and free commenting.
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Multilingual aggregator of reviews Freedom.Reviews

The portal of reviews Freedom.Reviews is a non-profit open community of free people, Internet users, who believe that the improvement of accessibility, rise of consumer awareness and Internet safety, increase of Internet social and integration aspects are important goals worthy of spending time and attention. The portal of reviews Freedom.Reviews is a unique technological multilingual platform that allows our users: to leave a free of charge comment , to submit a review, to publish an article on a trusted site, to post a press release concerning a website or read reviews of a site, business, company or brand, to get information about a commercial or personal website, a bank, a seller, an online store, to leave a review of a travel company (tour operator), to write a review about an airline, a store, a company, to comment the other users’ reviews and share impressions of websites, products, services. The portal of reviews Freedom.Reviews is a free platform that appreciates freedom of thought and expression, respects the authors’ opinions and affections, and provides free access to information on equal basis.

Site rating by attendance

Freedom.Reviews site rating is a popular technological solution, a free traffic counter designed for determining specific value of the parameter Active, the daily number of unique visits (hosts) and total views of all pages of a website-participant registered in the portal of reviews Freedom.Reviews

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Freedom.Reviews top sites is a quantitative counter localized according to the language of commenting that allows visualizing the relative position of sites-participants of Freedom.Reviews, leading in the number of comments (reviews) left by the users. Freedom.Reviews top works in real time and displays the total number of comments posted by the users, including not moderated ones.

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The portal of reviews Freedom.Reviews realizes independent calculation of attendance (popularity) of each page of a site-participant, contributes to its SEO-promotion, generates summary statistics of attendance and provides output in the top by the number of unique views. Site owners have the possibility to promote their pages, increasing their positions in the top, publishing news and press releases* on them, posting links to them on other sites and participating in interactive; to leave free of charge reviews about their projects , to answer the users’ comments and to take part in the discussion.