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  • Site cortorelatos.com
    cortorelatos.com 2020-08-11 cortorelatos.com

    Lee, publica y comparte relatos cortos para adultos, eróticos, románticos, historias de terror, cuentos infantiles, poesía y mucho más. La mayor comunidad en español de relatos cortos.

  • Site con-alerts.com
    con-alerts.com 2018-01-29 Conservative Alerts

    Conservative Alerts Skip to content About Archives Video Categories Economy & Investments Elections Issues Politics States War on Terror International Contact Subscribe div, a, img { margin: 0; padding: 0; } .pi_4770 { position: relative; max-width: 970px; overflow: hidden; } .pi_4770 a { display: block; border: 0; border-style: none; outline: none; text-decoration: none; } .pi_4770 img { display: block; max-width: 84px; border: 0; outline: none; text-decoration: none; } .pi_4770 .pi_brand { position: absolute; display: block; width: 15px; height: 15px; overflow: hidden; right: 0; top: 0; cursor: pointer; z-index: 1000; transition: width .3s; } .pi_4770 .pi_brand:hover { width: 84px; } .pi_4770 .pi_au img { height: auto; width: 100%; max-width: 970px; }

  • Site presidentialpardonpetition.com
    presidentialpardonpetition.c 2018-01-16 Presidential Pardon Petition | Free Lt. Clint Lorance!

    Whereas, Lt. Clint Lorance was justified in ordering his marksman to open fire on Taliban terrorists to protect himself and his platoon; And in fact, recent evidence has come to light that the Army intentionally withheld information regarding the identities of the Afghani motorcyclists killed in the attack; Therefore, please accept my signature as my voice declaring my support for Lt. Lorance and requesting you use the power invested in you as President of the United States to grant a Presidential Pardon to a wrongly-accused American hero.            Email required *E-mail address must be valid to process petition. Please ensure there are no extra spaces or characters in your submission. OUR MISSION: To support and defend the Constitutional Rights of members of our Armed Forces and their Families in any process of the Military Justice System, to preserve and advance Veterans

  • Site sionismo.net
    sionismo.net 2018-01-10 Sionismo: filosofia, história e atualidade do sionismo político

    O sionismo político: terror, racismo sionista, apartheid, segregação racial e genocídio. A realidade do terror em Palestina

  • Site hamasterrorism.com
    hamasterrorism.com 2018-01-09 Hamas Terrorism | Hamas: Radical Islamist Palestinian Terrorist Group

    Hamas Terrorism Hamas: Radical Islamist Palestinian Terrorist Group Home Hamas Charter About Posts Judge Orders Damages Trial in Hamas Terror Financing CaseDiplomat: Hamas "Only Acting to Serve an Islamist Interest"Turkey's Hamas Bureau Plays By Its Own Rules: ReportIndonesia Rejects Hamas Request for Jakarta OfficeHamas Planned Terror Attacks from NATO Ally Turkey Categories: All Abu Zakaria al-Jamal (1) Ahmed Yousef (2) Ali Baraka (1) Anti-Aircraft Weapons (6) Anti-Tank Weapons (5) CIA (1) Egypt (14) Ehab al-Ghsain (1) Fathi Hamad (1) Fatima Mohammadi (1) France (1) Gaza (28) Gaza Flotilla (1) Gaza Tunnels (10) General (50) Gilad Shalit Kidnapping (11) Grad Missile (5) Hamas Leaders (22) Hamas Rocket Attacks (25) Hamas Terrorist Acts (40) Hamas Torture (2) Hamas Weapons Smuggling (23) Hebron (1) Hezbollah (2) Hisham al-Labadani (2) Holy Land Foundation for Relief & Development (3)

  • Site tapezilla.net
    tapezilla.net 2018-01-06 TZ

    Just some guys talking about video games. S9E02: The Worst E3 Recap You’ve Ever Heard (2016 Edition) It wouldn’t be E3 without TZ’s sardonic musings. Listen to the boys’ takes on this year’s show. Try and guess the combined number of hours of Treehouse watched by TZ. Hint: it’s almost triple... S901: Unrequited Right-Swipe After a well earned sabbatical, the guys are back enlightened, refreshed, and ready to kick off Season 9 of TZ. On the docket: fearing Windows 10’s aggressiveness, avoiding smalltalk/terrorists, The X-Files, and a hypothetical... S812: Captchas Drac is absent

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