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  • Site 2018-01-18 American Culture and Faith Institute | A Compilation of Research and Commentary on Culture and Faith in America

    TRENDING: Conservative Pastors Are Distancing Themselves from the... Worldview Survey Reveals “Irreconcilable” Differences B... Conservative Pastors Overwhelmingly Support Israel Whil...

  • Site 2018-01-12 Group Travel Directors – Customized International Group Tour Experts.

    Group Travel Directors is internationally renowned for custom designing purposeful group tours for churches, schools, families, organizations and other special interest groups to destinations worldwide. Each group tour is filled with unique experiences because enriching lives through travel are the words we live by.

  • Site 2018-01-11 New Israel Fund Australia Foundation

    The New Israel Fund Australia Foundation is a leading organisation committed to social justice, human rights and democracy in Israel. We work with Israelis experiencing poverty, discrimination and injustice to create a more inclusive, tolerant and equal society.

  • Site 2018-01-10 Holy Land Places

    Holy Land Places - aerial photos of Israel

  • Site 2018-01-09 Hamas Terrorism | Hamas: Radical Islamist Palestinian Terrorist Group

    Hamas Terrorism Hamas: Radical Islamist Palestinian Terrorist Group Home Hamas Charter About Posts Judge Orders Damages Trial in Hamas Terror Financing CaseDiplomat: Hamas "Only Acting to Serve an Islamist Interest"Turkey's Hamas Bureau Plays By Its Own Rules: ReportIndonesia Rejects Hamas Request for Jakarta OfficeHamas Planned Terror Attacks from NATO Ally Turkey Categories: All Abu Zakaria al-Jamal (1) Ahmed Yousef (2) Ali Baraka (1) Anti-Aircraft Weapons (6) Anti-Tank Weapons (5) CIA (1) Egypt (14) Ehab al-Ghsain (1) Fathi Hamad (1) Fatima Mohammadi (1) France (1) Gaza (28) Gaza Flotilla (1) Gaza Tunnels (10) General (50) Gilad Shalit Kidnapping (11) Grad Missile (5) Hamas Leaders (22) Hamas Rocket Attacks (25) Hamas Terrorist Acts (40) Hamas Torture (2) Hamas Weapons Smuggling (23) Hebron (1) Hezbollah (2) Hisham al-Labadani (2) Holy Land Foundation for Relief & Development (3)

  • Site 2018-01-09 Committee for Israel

    Issues About Contact Board About the Committee for Israel Contribute .clearall { clear:all; } #slides .features_pagination ul li { display:none; } #slides { padding: 20px 0 0 20px; float:left; width:630px; } #slides .features_pagination { height: 0px; } #feature-box { float: left; margin: 0; padding: 10px; width: 290px; }

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