Being a global public resource, on the basis of international law and the local laws of individual countries the Internet as an integral part of modern society, aims to ensure the integrity, availability and transparency of information posted in it by the authors. One of the key factors that ensure the protection of the Internet users’ interests, their right to free access to public information is the possibility of free exchange of data, information, opinions, comments about the particular site, in the Internet (website, online store, ratings, blog, forum, information or news portal, etc.). Project Freedom.Reviews being a free, open Internet platform, a portal of reviews, place of meeting for professionals, commentators, provides access to information about sites, free exchange of information among the Internet users, by means of publishing reviews of the sites, based on their experience of use, personal comments and commercial press releases. Publication of reviews, comments, text files and/or links to them is realized by the users at their discretion and is absolutely free of charge; the placement of commercial press releases, reviews of business sites, depending on the location (the country) selected by the author, is charged, according to the approved fare. Project Freedom.Reviews is an aggregator of websites, blogs, forums, online stores, banks, airlines, investment funds, lotteries, bloggers and Internet resources reviews ; it collects information from public sources by posting it on the Portal Freedom.Reviews by the users, exercises the interaction between them, providing the possibility of free public access to information, familiarization with it and free commenting.

The aim of the online feedback service Freedom.Reviews is to provide users with the free, overall access to the information. One should understand that before making a decision or purchasing something it is very important for users to know who is the owner of this or that site, if this very site is the official one of the internet – business, if the site is under the authority of a company or an individual? One needs to know the actual disposition of the internet-business (internet-shop), the phone number and the other contact information. It is also important to know how long the site, the internet-business and services (goods) offered for buying, have been existed.
On the pages of the online feedback service Freedom.Reviews there is independent information gathered from three different sources: directly from the site users by the feedbacks publication; the opinion of the expert society by publication of reviews; and the information from the members of this very business by publications of their commercial press releases on the pages of our feedback service.
While shopping in the Internet follow the simplest precautions. Surfing a new business site with the goal to purchase something, make sure that connection with the administration is available, become familiar with terms of services allotment, private policy, merchandise and paid funds return policy.
Examine carefully the quality of the site performance, goods and services description, whether they are trustworthy and durable or not.
Please, do not forget that you can always familiarize free-of-charge with the feedbacks about the concrete site, visiting the appropriate page with true comments about the site with the help of our service.
Be watchful. Always remember that your private information is valuable. Before giving your name, credit card number or any of your contact information, make sure that the site will not misuse them.
Make certain that the site uses the special HTTPS- log to protect your private information over the open channels of the Internet network.
Do not hesitate to contribute to our Freedom.Reviews feedback service, join our community of commentators, and bring friends with you. Remember that with combined efforts we can make the Internet better, safer and more reliable.